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Business Center

Support for Business & 专业人士

Thinking of opening up shop? 让我们来帮忙. Looking to grow your existing small business? We can help with that, too. As part of our mission, the Library advocates for a thriving community, and we recognize that, in order for our community and economy to thrive, we need strong local businesses—no matter where you are on your path to success!

企业家 & 初创企业

Growing Our Community

技术: We offer access to computers, 打印机, 互联网, 复印机, 传真机, 软件, 硬件, 技术服务, and even a video production studio to make your own 广告 or recorded presentations.

空间: Don’t have an office? Come work from one of ours! Or book one of our rooms for your next meeting or event. Our meeting spaces can accommodate groups of 2 to 180 people.

CREATION STATION: A great resource for inventors and product developers. Have an idea for the next fidget spinner? We can teach you how to design the product using 3D 软件, as well as print, 包, 然后进行营销, all from our free makerspace.

BUSINESS PLAN BUILDER: This resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs offers an engaging, step-by-step guided experience–complete with the information and tools needed to move through the entire business development life cycle. The program’s intuitive dashboard walks users through the five essential steps of business planning and explains what each activity is, why it is important in the overall process, and how to get started.

Small & Local Businesses

Keeping Natrona County Strong

工作室: Our professional-quality video recording studio is the perfect place to film testimonials, 广告, 教程, 球, and more for your small business. And it’s completely free!

编程: We offer regular classes and educational resources to strengthen your workforce and introduce you to the newest 软件 and 技术.

合作伙伴关系: We work with organizations throughout the community to bring you the services and training that you need. 更多的 partnerships are always forming, and the next one could be with you. Call 577-READ to share your business partnership ideas, or propose a new program idea.

ON-DEMAND TRAINING: We work with local businesses to train their employees on programs like Microsoft Office and Google Drive apps, because fostering and developing talent within your company is often easier than attracting new. Call us at 577-READ to set up a tailored training program for you and your employees.

B2B: If we don’t have the resources here to help you with your specific need, we will connect you with other local and statewide business organizations who do.

Business Research


 With just a library card, you have access to an array of business journals, 统计数据, 人口统计资料, 新闻, and even a database just for entrepreneurs, with sample business plans, 文章, and guides for how to start, 金融, or manage a small business.


LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, 软件, 技术, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. With your library card, you have access to LinkedIn Learning’s 16,000+ professional training courses.


You can book one-on-one time with a librarian to learn more about our databases, or to get help solving any problem you’re facing on your road to business success. Instead of hiring a consultant, let our staff do what they do best, and guide you to the answer among a mountain of available information.


怀俄明 Library to Business is a business-focused, community driven and completely free resource. L2B’s goal is to connect 怀俄明 entrepreneurs and business owners with a curated network of business experts, resources to learn new skills, and the tools to succeed at every stage.